Its been a while since I have been on here. I’ve missed it and I haven’t really noticed until I got back on. I’ve been so busy this summer trying to get shit done its ridiculous. Been working all summer to make money for the things I need. I bought 4 new car tires and replaced my old ones. I’ve made multiple repairs to my car in order to make it as close to new as possible. I’ve worked my ass off this summer. My last year of school is here and I will be back to finish it off in just a week. I’m nervous about it. I will be working two jobs going to school, paying for my own school, and trying to keep my grade just as good as in the past. I got a lot riding on me this year. I’m nervous but I’m also ready to push myself to my limit and be the best I can be. I just hope I can reach my goals and not fall flat on my face.